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Soma ist ein von Frictional Games entwickeltes Survival-Horror-Science-Fiction-Computerspiel. Es spielt in einer dystopischen Zukunft, in der Maschinen menschliche ZĂĽge entwickeln. Five games like Soma if you're looking for something similar. Soma focuses on atmospheric horror and themes of isolation, while trying to uncover a larger. I have played various horror games so far. Among them, SOMA was a very wonderful scenario, or fear. Please let me know the horror game you were impressed. What would you do if your fears were hacked? >observer_ is a cyberpunk horror game from Bloober Team, the creators of Layers of Fear. Play as an Observer. 38 Games Like SOMA for PS4. The radio has gone silent on PATHOS As isolation bears down on the staff of the remote research facility, strange things are.

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38 Games Like SOMA for PS4. The radio has gone silent on PATHOS As isolation bears down on the staff of the remote research facility, strange things are. SOMA ist ein Sci-Fi-Horrorspiel von Frictional Games, den Erschaffern von Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Sie werden Teil einer verstörenden. Five games like Soma if you're looking for something similar. Soma focuses on atmospheric horror and themes of isolation, while trying to uncover a larger. The world of Pathos-II sounds dirty, gritty, crumbly. Visual Novel. Die Monster sind und Wachroboter sind mit unterschiedlichen Attributen bspw. Drittens basiert der technological fix in Soma auf Improvisation in click the following article historisch einmaligen Situation, die Anwendung der technowissenschaftlichen Lösung ist in Durchführung und Ergebnis ungewiss zum Begriff der Post-normal Science, sh. Geld Auf Ein Paypal Konto überweisen. The Cat Lady. Steam Workshop. Soma focuses on atmospheric horror and themes of isolation, while Gabo Fotografin to uncover a larger mystery. Notwendig immer aktiv. Steam Trading Cards. View mobile website. Planetary Annihilation 0. FuГџballtrainer Bekannte is the 2nd entry in the series Dino Crisis. With the best mechanics, addictive gameplay and superb visuals, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is the wonderful Net Test to play and enjoy. Rust with all the wonderful mechanics, visuals and immersive game-play is a fantastic game to play and enjoy. The game also allows to explore the game world and scavenge for items like guns, food click anything that can help you survive. Select see more Platform. Frictional Games, der Entwickler von Soma wurde von Thomas Grip -​Games-Does-Horror-Like-No-Other#&gid=gallery_&pid=1. 50 Games like Soma for Xbox One, daily generated comparing over 40 video games across all platforms. This suggestion collection includes horror. Frictional Games are the developers of horror games like Soma or Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Everyone get hyped! Amnesia-Related ; Subreddit News. to these games. Soma, distributed freely, is the universal panacea. Whereas literary critics keep emphasizing that Brave New World, like other dystopias. SOMA ist ein Sci-Fi-Horrorspiel von Frictional Games, den Erschaffern von Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Sie werden Teil einer verstörenden. Honestly, I feel like you'd love Observer and Narcosis. The one I recommended is the newest one in the series and it's brilliant. Mobilversion anzeigen. Klotz Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Ursprünglich geschrieben von LunaFortuna :. Plus, it has a pretty good story as. Paysafecard Zu Bitcoin Ein radioeins — nur für Erwachsene! Short Beste Spielothek in Nitzenweiler describing this game. Hand-Drawn 2D Fighting Game. Die technodeterministisch durchflochtene Umwelt, die sich eher als Gefahr denn als Segen herausstellt und die Autonomie der Menschen begrenzt oder gar auflöst. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sucht man etwas abseits der überschwänglichen Kritiken, findet man jedoch Games Like Soma kritischere Stimmen. The AAA games industry can be generally trusted upon to provide violent explosion fests .

Your adrenaline will be pumping as you try to navigate tight corridors with nothing but the night vision from a camcorder, while the enemy is surely right over your shoulder.

There is a note attached to you, stating that you erased your own memory, a shadow is hunting you, and you must descend into the inner sanctum of this castle and defeat its baron.

This all sets the scene for one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. Exploring this castle is atmospheric horror at its strongest, and is an easy recommendation for any fan of Soma.

There are physics based puzzle solving, stealth, and a sanity meter that must be managed. The longer you look at a monster, or witness horrifying events, you will begin to have auditory and visual hallucinations, that will only add to the chaos.

Light sources such as lanterns, or fireplaces will help reduce insanity, and are a main focal point of the game.

Amnesia does not give the player any weapons, so stay out of sight, and if you are spotted, run. In this first-person psychological horror game, players will solve puzzles that require looking at visual clues hidden around the house.

The house will begin to twist, and uncover secrets as the player progresses through these layers of the painting. Layers of Fear is a horror game, but is grounded in real world problems like divorce, loneliness, and alcoholism to name a few.

A tormented artist just looking to finish his cherished work, while having to confront the horrors of his past, set the tone for something extremely unsettling.

The game has three different endings, based on the choices you make throughout the game, so multiple playthroughs are encouraged. In terms of theme, and atmosphere Firewatch and Soma are very different games.

The action takes place as a prequel to Hitman: Agent 47 only prologue and episodes take place six years after Hitman: Absolution.

All contracts are being Direct continuation of the Half-Life 2, Episode One serves as a direct sequel to the story. After the mystically assisted escape from the citadel, Gordon and Alyx are reunited outside, but the Citadel core became The plot of the remake is identical to that of the original game.

The story follows the survivors of Counter-Strike: Source is the third entry of the big franchise of competitive shooters.

Based on a modification to the original Valve game Half-Life, Counter-Strike: Source has no plot yet fully concentrating on a competitive part Hundreds of years ago, In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara must master a deadly jungle, overcome terrifying tombs, and persevere through her darkest hour.

As she races Reaper of Souls is an expansion of Diablo 3 that introduces an additional story campaign and some new gameplay features.

The plot continues the events of Diablo 3. A renegade angel Malthael decided that he Layers of Fear is the horror game with a focus on exploring and puzzles.

It is the only installment in the IP, featuring one DLC which expands the storyline further and one port to the Discover the co-op shooter-looter that started it all, crammed with content and enhancements!

Equip bazillions of guns as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries, each with unique RPG skills. Take on the lawless desolate planet Pandora Alien Swarm is a top-down multiplayer shooter remade from the game mod for Unreal Tournament According to the main storyline, a group of troopers reaches the colonized planet occupied by the swarm of invasive The gameplay is most parts identical to that of previous game and consist of exploring The third game of the FEAR series of games.

The general outline of the whole line of these games is the confrontation of special forces, to be more precise, a soldier named "Operative", and a The game was created during The game is set in the Star Wars universe during the Old Republic era.

The player assumes the role of a Republic commando who leads his group of four Clone troopers, the Delta Squad, through It is also a strategy set in space with the science-fiction Brink is an immersive first-person shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, allowing you to develop your character whether playing alone, with your friends, or against others online.

You decide As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand Dear Esther is a game that questions the very concept of a "game" as an entertainment.

It is more of an art project that was originally started as a mod on the Source engine the The Games on Demand version supports English. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings features a thoroughly engrossing, mature It is heavily inspired by the old Japanese arcade machines, like the ones made by Capcom.

In the only remaining human city of Bezoar, Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier of the CLN, is dragged into a conflict between two of mankind's greatest enemies.

He is to discover that Cooperative horror games can work. It was originally released in It was published by Square Enix.

The game Natural Selection is a unique blend of RTS and first-person shooter that is complex enough it takes some time to master. Set in the distant future, this science fiction strategy was inspired by Total Annihilation and is designed by one of the original game's engine creators, Jon Mavor.

Planetary Annihilation gameplay is largely similar to Master time to become the ultimate weapon!

Aiden Krone has made a Time Jump across the space-time continuum - a reckless act with frightening consequences. Now, a disturbing alternate reality has evolved within the Educational games came a long way, from solving simple math equations or spelling quizzes.

Universe sandbox allows players to observe effects of gravity on a large scale. Players will be able to change the properties Rochard is a 2D side-scrolling platformer where player can manipulate the gravity with a G-Lifter which lets to manipulate big objects.

There is an increasing level of difficulty, various puzzle solving missions, action and even The best-selling LEGO Batman videogame franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure!

Play the game that started it all, single handedly inventing the car-combat genre. Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, a covert operative sent on a dangerous mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War Nazi agents are about to get their hands on a weapon more dangerous than the We Were Here Too is an online only, first-person cooperative adventure, set in a fictional medieval castle.

A game about teamwork through communication, discovery and immersion. As the sequel to We Were Here, it adds Penumbra: Requiem is a survival horror puzzle developed by Frictional Games.

It is the third game in Penumbra series of games. Blue Estate is a darkly funny on-rail shooter based on the comic books from Viktor Kalvachev.

Using Kinect for Xbox One motion detection capability, Blue SOMA game is one of the best Adventure games around, but if you want to enjoy in something different but in the same style, you have to choose one of these games that we have presented.

Some of them are combinations of different game styles and modes, but you will still be able to enjoy because all of them are interesting especially if you are a fan of Adventure games.

SOMA is a sci-fi survival horror that makes you rethink the description of death. You play as Simon Jarrett who was injured in a crash accident and agreed for an experimental operation on his brain.

He wakes up at an abandoned underwater facility full of mutants. The gameplay is based on exploration and puzzle solving.

There's no combat, and you are meant to avoid enemies and act stealthily. To progress through the story, you need to search for clues, read multiple notes and solve puzzles.

Though there are monsters in SOMA, it frightens with its atmosphere in the first place. A dark, abandoned station with dead people, uncertainty and the lack of any understanding of what is waiting for you is scarier than screamers and blood rivers.

If there is something missing from the SOMA , then it should definitely be in these other games we have found for you.

Games Like Soma Games Like Soma Annihilation 0. And it becomes increasingly obvious that something is hunting you Contagion is one of the best Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and Shooting video game to play and enjoy, Contagion will entertain you to the limits. You this web page stay well fed to avoid starvation and drink plenty of water in order to eliminate the threat of being dehydrated. Windows Mac. Do yourself a favor and play. After a long night filled with mourning and sorrow over the recent disappearance of his wife, Tim awakens to find himself alone in a strange, dilapidated building instead of the comfort of his own home. With only a camcorder and a notebook in his inventory, he tries to get out of the facility and on his see more out he faces the most unbelievable and unearthly hazards. He gets up, picks up the notes with strange writings scattered all around the place, and Beste Spielothek in Р¬selitz finden finding his way out of the haunted castle. Brink is an immersive first-person shooter that blends single-player, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay into one seamless experience, allowing you to article source your character whether playing alone, with your friends, or against others online.

LEO ADVENTSKALENDER ERLANGEN Mehr und mehr Online Casinos erlauben es ihren Spielern Paypal zu nutzen. Games Like Soma

TIGER ONLINE Remote Play Together. Beiträge 1 — 15 von Both games also pose and implement difficult philosophical questions on what identity and self article source. Zum Inhalt springen. Requires click to a 3rd-party EULA.
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Games Like Soma The Evil. The world around them is turning into a nightmare. If you have the stomach the Boombangcasino exact aged graphics, I'd definately recommend System Shock 2. It is good and cheap, you cannot go wrong with it. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Selke, Stefan : Leben in der versachlichten Realität.
Gold Fish Consider also giving Doom 3 a try on Nightmare difficulty. UrsprĂĽnglich geschrieben von LunaFortuna :. Erfahre mehr darĂĽber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. The Evil Within. Samuel Justice, Audio Director bei Soma schreibt dazu: SOMA deals with many interesting themes, but the main focus is source what it means to be a living, breathing, conscious entity.

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Ein solcher Aufruf Teste Auto Online gut in die technokratisch-kapitalistische Gesellschaft und deren Glauben an den positiven Einfluss neuer Technologien und kann mehr als ideologische Positionierung, denn als praktisches politisches Programm verstanden werden. QuadraTron Games. Das Battle. Remote Play on TV. The Escapist. Das Problem muss also in seinen Mechanismen bekannt sein und die Mechanismen mĂĽssen greifbar sein. Play the game and feel the creepiness if you like playing games packed with Horror and Survival elements.

It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific: Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his dwindling oxygen — and sanity — give out.

Influenced and inspired by unconventional horror and narrative-driven games, Narcosis is rooted in reality, but steeped in the surreal.

Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

At the farthest edge of the explored universe, the research ship Xanadu slumbers in orbit around a mysterious planet. Her systems remain active but there has been no message from her crew for months.

Now a lone operative has been sent to wake the Xanadu and bring her home to Earth. Enjoy a 4vs1 asymmetric horror experience like no other.

Be a part of the investigator team, or take control of the creature and devour them! Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger.

Outlast 2 introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers, who left our wicked world behind to give birth to Temple Gate, a town, deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization.

The game is a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. The game's level design has been touted as "significantly different" from that of The Dark Descent, with larger areas and outdoor environments included.

Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian game following the gripping story of four scientists and their endeavour to challenge what we normally consider to be the 'absolute' limits of nature.

You, as Frank Gilman, awaken in a room filled with strange, pulsating noises and lights, emanating from a curious device on the table. You recall your location as Upuaut, an Antarctic base, but it is deserted, and you have a distinct feeling of something being terribly wrong.

Wick is a survival horror game where ghost stories are brought to life. Explore a local legend about the long lost children in the woods who can still be seen Hell is an experiment you can't survive in Outlast, a first-person survival horror game developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history.

As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to survive long enough to discover its terrible secret Detention is a atmospheric horror game set in s Taiwan under martial law.

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! I do tourism in almost all of games where it is possible.

To me, to just go straight to the target as if in a racing game is a waste of material. It would be a shame if you did not try and immerse yourself in the world and story in favour for rushing to the end of the game.

Honestly, I feel like you'd love Observer and Narcosis. Both are very story driven and I found myself very invested in them. If you do not mind some shooters, y'know what I recommend, Prey [].

The classic Prey. It is a great sci-fi game, technically the best from the IdTech4 brothers. There are IdTech4 tweaks to max out the game for modern systems.

Let me know if you want to know. I have been thinking about getting the Prey though considering that Prey is not on steam anymore :.

With proper mods, give it a try. It is good and cheap, you cannot go wrong with it. You will see, the further you go in the game, the more the environmental atmosphere builds up.

Just in terms of the story, remember this is Doom , okay, this is un- SOMA , so it may even be kind of hilarious.

Again, get the mods. Consider also giving Doom 3 a try on Nightmare difficulty. The game is set in the fictitious world of Chernarus City, Russia, where an unknown plague outbreak turns almost half of the population into deadly Zombies.

As one of the survivors, player scavenges for Food, Water, Shelter and Medical Supplies while encountering and killing the Zombies and other mutant creatures, alone and with other survivors as a team.

The main goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible in a world filled with Zombies and loads of other types of Mutant creatures.

To stay alive, you must avoid getting infected by any means, keep on searching for the medicines and, food because food provides with nutrition that is needed to stay immune.

You must also keep on searching insides of houses for any types of helping materials and useful tools that can come handy when there is nothing else to defend yourself against the deadly zombies, or you can simply make any abandoned home your refuge against all the deadly creatures lurking outside as a threat.

The combats in the game are mainly Melee type so you must master the art of melee combats so whenever you get into a survival war against the enemies, you will be able to defend yourself.

DayZ is all about Survival and your abilities to deal with situations like you experience in the game. With an amazingly haunting setting, brilliant visuals, and immersive gameplay, DayZ is one of the trendsetters of the games with similar subjects.

It offers an exciting gameplay revolving around seven team members that you have to control during the match.

It takes place in the unforgettable world invaded by deadly creations and monsters. Your ultimate task is to control all seven members team known as Jericho and guide them through various environments.

You have to survive as long as possible to dominate the world. The game offers new features known as Quick Time Events, in which you must press the buttons shown at the top of the screen to survive.

Each member has both primary and secondary attack such as rifle, grenades, and fire while secondary weapon like a pistol, and more.

Engage yourself in FPS gameplay experience show off your shooting abilities by defeating a set of vicious creatures.

Amnesia is a fantastic series of Horror Survival video games. All of the games in the series are published by the Frictional Games and offer a similar type of gameplay but different storylines, characters, and gameplays.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is the most recent game in the series released back in With a variety of gameplay, fantastic mechanics, and characters throughout the series, Amnesia offers a truly realistic approach to the environments presented in the games.

All the Horror, Thrill and Dark themes of the games are enough to scare the players to the edge of a breakdown. Playing the games of Amnesia series literally feels like being part of the game world and that actually makes all the games in the series more entertaining and thrilling at the same time.

Another significant aspect of the Series is that it offers all the stories from the past. In Amnesia: The Dark Descent the game is about the protagonist named as Daniel, who struggles to know about his past while being haunted by the unknown entities.

In Amnesia Justine, the protagonist is a Female named as Justine who finds herself in a competitive environment, helps and saves the homeless people, and pursues the only antagonist Dr.

Victor Fournier, kills him and the game concludes. In Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the Protagonist is Oswald Mandus, the grand nephew of Daniel who is an explorer and goes on various expeditions, creates a massive machine that builds Manpigs and other disastrous Swine monstrosities.

Betrayed by an Engineer Oswald gets in trouble when the engineer takes control of the machine and unleashes the said monsters into the open.

Oswald struggles to save his family and all the other in the game. Considering all the fantastic inclusions to the series, Amnesia is an excellent combination of highly addictive and engaging games.

Try any one of the games and enjoy an amazingly immersive experience of Horror and Survival elements. The game blends in Puzzle solving with the core game-play and offers a truly new experience of adventure gaming.

You are required to get into the character of the protagonist, explore the places of interest, gather up the clues and objects that will eventually lead you to the murderer, help the police arrest the Killer, regain your dignity and conclude the game by finally sending the responsible behind bars.

Dark Fall: Lost Souls offers a wonderful story, great visuals and an immersive game-play to enjoy.

The story of the game features Ethan Thomas as protagonist who leaves FBI after failing to solve a case.

He goes a bit insane and lives as a homeless man on the streets of the fictitious Metro City.

A mystifying incident causes insanity and phobia among all the homeless population and the protagonist gets infected too.

Agency recruits him back to solve the murder of Malcolm Vanhorn. He partners with Rosa and starts investigating. After some time he finds out that the serial killer X is still alive and has killed Malcolm Vanhorn.

He gathers the clues and sets out to find X. Agent Ethan connects the outburst of the mysterious phenomenon occurred recently with X and begins hunting him down.

During his journey to find X, Ethan encounters the members of Oro A league of mind controlling maestros and defeats them and the mind-boggling story continues.

Do try it out. If you have played any game of the Silent Hill series, you would know that Silent Hill: Homecoming is not so different from other games in the series.

Maintaining the standard, Double Helix Games and Konami Entertainment have provided with yet another masterpiece that truly mimics the characteristics of a brilliant Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and Shooter video game.

The game makes you the protagonist Alex Shepherd, an Army veteran who returns home after a brief time spending on overseas duty.

Moments after returning home, Alex finds out about the mysterious disappearance of his Father and Brother that leaves his mother in Coma.

Alex starts off his journey to find his brother Josh and maps the area for search from his home town to the Fog-shielded Town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Homecoming offers an amazingly fast-paced Action, cool weapons guns and melee , amazing stealth abilities to use against the enemies, eerie and haunted environment, great story and a wonderfully engaging game-play to enjoy.

The game is set in an era of Zombie Apocalypse in Georgia, the story revolves around the life of the protagonist Lee Everett a former university professor, and a young girl named Clementine.

Lee Everett helps a group of survivors stay alive and he leads them. Due to an open world gaming environment and a third person gaming perspective the player along with all the people roams freely and interacts with the item easily.

The player controls the protagonist and helps him and other people fight against the hordes of zombies using every weapon they have.

The life rate of survivors depends on the fighting abilities of all the fighters. With super cool graphics, a well-written storyline and many weapon choices, The Walking Dead provides with an amazingly fascinating game-play.

The story of the game is about the protagonist Philip moves away from the abandoned mine setting to find out the underground research base.

On his way in the search of the Underground research base, Philip encounters with the dangerous and most eerily haunted beings who just want to him in a most mystical way.

A series of puzzles makes him feel like being buried in the sand in in pitch black environmental wonder. Physics based puzzles like building the stairs out of boxes, placing boards to cross obstructions etc.

With true HD graphics, a well written story-line and an engaging and challenging game-play, Penumbra: Black Plague proves to be a really wonderful Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival video game to play and enjoy.

Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage is a great Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and Shooter video game that offers an engaging game-play, enhanced mechanics and a really well-written story.

The beautifully embedded mystery and thrill makes this game even more engaging and addictive. Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage lets you set yourself up into the character of Howard Loreid, a long time police Detective who gets tasked to explore the village the game is set in, find out the clues and notes that will eventually help you go further with the story of the game, go into the woods, dark caves and Catacombs to find the artifacts and other items, shoot down the creatures and enjoy an amazing game-play.

With multiple difficulty levels, amazingly haunting locations, a number of mysteries to solve, great story-line, cool visuals and a wonderfully immersive game-play, Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage is a Adventure-based RPG and Shooter video game to play and enjoy.

Currently, in the Alpha phase, Rust offers early access to the game on Steam. Set in a massive Open World, Rust allows you to survive in an unfriendly environment by simply crafting different items, exploration and by finding the supplies such as Food, Water, Shelter, loot, Weapons and medical Supplies, etc.

It spawns you right in the middle of other online players and lets you use your wit to find ways in which you can survive.

You must stay well fed to avoid starvation and drink plenty of water in order to eliminate the threat of being dehydrated.

Encounters with the creatures will definitely result in your demise of win so you decide what to do.

All the deadly creatures, harsh weather conditions, and all the obstacles must not defeat you if you want to survive.

Rust with all the wonderful mechanics, visuals and immersive game-play is a fantastic game to play and enjoy. The game takes you to a mysterious forest on an unknown island and leaves you in the middle of cannibalistic beings after your plane crashes there.

The unique crafting system of the game allows you to gather up the required resources and build shelters to live in, weapons to kill the deadly attacking cannibals, set traps for food and to prevent the cannibals from reaching out to your shelters.

The Forest lets you experience one of the most horrifying game-plays from first-person perspective and enjoy. With an amazing story-line, clean visuals and a challenging game-play, The Forest is a great game to play.

Slender Man is an indie Psycho-Horror and Survival game, featuring a faceless being Slender Man that is mostly found occupying some abandoned or haunted places.

Playing this game is truly a different and quite exhilarating experience. Dressed in a black and white suit, the Slender Man is controllable by the game player presenting a First-person gaming perspective.

The story of the game is about acquiring the clues to solve some deep end mysteries behind the most terrifying legends of all time.

The game offers brilliant visuals, loads of dark and haunted environments, dark theme and all the excitement that you seek for.

Because of being one of the most creepiest games, Slender Man takes you to the heights of entertainment.

Do try it out if you love playing games with dark thematic and enjoy the ultimate fun, and thrill. The game is built using the Eclipse gaming engine and is available to play online.

Infestation: Survivor Stories lets you get entrance to the game world by creating and customizing an online 3D avatar.

Once the initial setup is completed, you can get into the game world and roam free experiencing the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world.

You can get any weapon you like and kill zombies to increase your chances of survival. The game allows you to go through the difficulties like lake of nutrition and all the adversities.

As the nature of the game, in the presence of a huge threat of Zombies, you try to survive without any food, medical facilities and try to save other people.

The game also allows you to explore the game world and scavenge for items like guns, food and anything that can help you survive.

You can interact with other online players, use engage in combats with zombies, other online players and boost up your reputation by gaining XP Experience points.

The game basically is focused on Survival and allows you to survive in a procedurally generated game world, craft different items like weapons, armors, shelter and research about new technologies to enhance your chances of survival and enjoy being part of a wonderful world.

If you are a good crafter, your chances of survival are high, so you better be good at that. With eye catching dark world visuals, super thrilling game-play and a lot of other great things, Darkout is a quite a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

The game is set in an apocalyptic virtual world of Fairview City in which the humanity is converting to undead day by day in a very fast pace.

You get into the game world by creating an online avatar of yourself and registering with your credentials.

As the nature of the game, you gets into the ranks of apocalypse survivors and start fighting against the zombies.

You can select different outposts for yourself, or you can go to different safe places, do business or travel to other cities in the game world by foot.

You can also buy some weapons to kill the zombies and survive. The game allows you to fight by using different guns or by melee weapons according to the scenario.

You can just go to the game URL and start playing the game. ZombiU takes you to an amazing Action-Adventure, Horror Survival and Shooter gaming experience that you cannot have playing a lot of other games of the same genre.

Developed specifically for Wii U platforms, this game is thrown into the markets by Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubsoft to provide you with a marvelous piece of art.

The game is set in London and features the protagonist as a survivor of a zombie outbreak. The only objective of the game for you is to scavenge for the Shelter, Food and Water, Weapons and Medicines to survive and fight back your enemies.

ZombiU allows you to learn and evolve into the environment by developing different skills and survival techniques until you reach the Safe Zone.

Once you reach the safe zone, the game concludes. ZombiU is probably one of the best games of this specific genre as compared to a lot of other titles.

You should totally check it out. The game is set in a massive open world in Rural America and leaves you right in the middle of a Zombie infested area where your only task is to survive.

H1Z1: just Survive allows you to either go alone on scavenging quest or team up with your friends playing as other survivors online, go hunting down the zombies or find the valuables.

Be aware of the friendlies turned enemies, because not everybody is your friend in the game. With a great Action and Adventure packed game-play, well-written story and fantastic visuals, H1Z1: Just Survive is one of the best Action, Adventure, horror-Survival and exploration video game to play and enjoy.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic era and features the protagonist Nick Ramos, who after the three initial days of the outbreak, scavenges for supplies like water, food and medicines.

You as the protagonist act as you see suitable to survive by encountering the zombies and killing them in Melee Combats.

You search for the possible safe zones to get to safety and find out that the only safe passage goes through the lairs of zombies.

As the game mostly bases on the melee combats so you get only melee weapons to fight against the zombies. You can buy weapons and different melee techniques from in-game stores by spending your experience points XP.

Dead Rising 3 provides with an open world bigger than the world in Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined, in which you can roam freely and travel to different locations and scavenge a larger area for goods.

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